About this Site

The All About Go mission statement is to provide a high-quality service to all Go enthusiasts, to introduce the game to beginners in the most effective way possible, and to promote the knowledge, culture and beauty of Go worldwide.

This website was first published on April 1, 2010, as a gift to the Go community. Develped for over half a year, it contains over 45 pages of content and is produced with the hope that it will benefit Go players worldwide. The support of the Go community in this project has been great and everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas here.

This website was written using valid xHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It consists of over 10,000 lines of code. The design of this website was partially inspired by the work of David Herreman. All About Go is a complete redesign of "Ichi Ni San Go!" - an old concept website which is kept here for archival purposes.