Watching a Wei-Ch'i Game

This poem was written by Su Shi (1037-1101), a renowned Chinese writer, and may be copied with no restrictions.

This very old poem was written while the author observed his son playing Go against the local magistrate. Note that "Wei-Ch'i" (or "Weiqi") is the Chinese name for Go.

In front of Five-Old-Men Peak,
Was a place left by the White Crane.
Tall pines shaded the courtyard;
The breeze and sunshine were pure and lovely.

I was visiting alone,
And hadn't met a single gentleman.
Who was it playing wei-ch'i?
Outside the door, two pairs of shoes.

No human voice was heard,
But occasionally I heard stones being put down.
Sitting across from each other over the lined board
Who understands the flavor of the scene?

Fishing with an unbaited book
Are the wishes for bream and carp?
My little son is close to the Way,
He puts down stones casually.

Victory is surely pleasant,
But defeat can also be enjoyed.
Leisurely and unhurriedly
This is the way for the moment.

-Su Shi

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This text may be copied with no restrictions.