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Missing the Obvious

“Oops, I didn’t even see that move.”
“I misread that.”
“Wait a minute, that stone moved!”

I often find myself saying something like this when I lose a game. As I have mentioned previously, I believe that a lot of games at my level are lost because of simple reading mistakes. Reading Go moves in situations you’re unfamiliar with can feel like trying to read a challenging book in a different language or dialect, but like reading a book, it is something that becomes better with practice.

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Alexandre Dinerchtein

The fish cannot live without water.
Takemiya-sensei cannot live without territory in the center.
Can you live without our website, friends?

You can, but we will try to make it more attractive, so you will probably visit it every day.

One story first…

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A Game Against Myself

Have you ever played a game against yourself? Perhaps it could be beneficial, if not fun. I know many Go players who learned the game in this way; I used to play games against myself when I first learned the rules and had not yet discovered internet Go servers. I decided to try it again last week and it was certainly an interesting experience.

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