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Wishful Thinking

     A while ago, S, an American Go player wrote me;

When I’m facing lower kyus I tend to kill their groups “a lot” but sometimes their groups are dying and I think they’re dead, then the lower kyu that I’m facing finds a way to live that I didn’t see. >< I’m starting to lose confidence in my ability to do life and death in my games =(. (Naturally I picked up a life and death book and started solving some problems. lol) Is this another part of getting better? I thought I would at least be able to do life and death better than a kyu =/

     Does it sound familiar? Yes. It does to me. I experienced this myself when I was much weaker (I wouldn’t say I still have this issue since I am supposed to say I play the same no matter how strong the opponent is). Luckily I found the question when I was looking for a good topic to write, and thought it would be interesting to talk about it. The question was quite precise though, so let me generalize it a little bit for this essay’s topic. 

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Goal Setting

Setting goals is one of the most powerful ways to influence your future, yet it is something not practised as commonly as it should be. Research suggests that only 8%-12% of a population will actually complete or maintain their New Year’s resolutions. Research has also shown that your rate of success will greatly increase by simply writing down the goal. In this article I will show you how to create and optimize your goals as I create a study plan in Go.
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Do you ever lose interest in Go?

It does not seem to be uncommon: A person who may spend hours every day playing Go will then stop playing for weeks, months, even years. Of course there are many different reasons why this might happen; it depends on the individual. Sometimes a person might become too busy with other things to play Go, or simply lose interest in the game.

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What’s [in] a “moyo”?

I have been teaching youth to play GO for a while now… One perennial question that inevitably comes up is “What’s a ‘moyo'”—usually during a game review, at move 37 in the example below—and I try to tailor my answer to the student and his current understanding of the game.

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