Website Updates

A few new features have been added to the website. This is just the beginning – watch for more over the coming weeks! All About Go is still all about you, the Go community – your feedback and suggestions are very important and very much appreciated.

Play Go On FlyOrDie

The Play Go page now has a direct link to the Go Server on FlyOrDie. While it’s definitely not a replacement for the larger Go servers, it’s a fun place to play a quick game – with some interesting graphics as well.

Page Updates

There have been some more additions to the timeline, concerning the “Golden Age of Go” in Japan and Honinbo Shusaku. In the future, more of the history section and some of the lessons will be updated.


Some advertisements have been added sparingly throughout the website to help pay for server costs and prizes in future contests. Wherever possible, the advertisements are related to Go and should be helpful to new players looking to purchase Go products. Of course, All About Go will always be free to use – if you find the ads distracting in any way please contact us. If you own a Go website, product, or service and would like to advertise here, please click here to learn more.

Future Updates

In addition to the page updates mentioned above, we are looking forward to expanding the lessons section to accommodate more experienced players, and add more extensions are planned for the All About Go Community Toolbar. Also, support for guest posts will be added to the Articles section, adding content to the gallery will become easier, and more resources (including updated game recording sheets) and links will be added.

There is one larger update in the works, but nothing more can be said right now :-).

Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback.

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