Welcome to the AllAboutGo Articles! My name is Nik, and I am so excited for the launch of this website. All About Go is a project I’ve worked on for many months, and it is very pleasing to finally release it to the public. I have found that there are hundreds of Go websites around the world, and perhaps All About Go can bring them closer together. Whether you have only just heard of the game, or play so much you dream about it, this blog will offer something for everyone.

In this blog you can read articles which will be written by myself and a team of writers:

  • Alexandre Dinerchtein, 3p
  • Hajin Lee, 3p
  • Younggil An, 8p
  • Tyler Reynolds (VP of CGA)
  • Paul Barchilon (VP of AGF)

Soon they will be posting their own introductions. Others will be invited to write in the future. This blog is yours as much as ours, and readers are encouraged to submit their own posts – just contact us for more details.

You may notice some website features are missing. These features were not as qualitative as we had hoped, so they will be released soon when they meet our standards. More parts of the website will be uploaded over the next two weeks. Until then please enjoy the blog and other website features. Also, be sure to check our our community toolbar. It is a great resource with lots of potential, which many Go players should find useful.

Comment or contact us if you have anything to say. Your feedback is always appreciated and I look forward to developing this project with you. Together, let’s work towards promoting the knowledge, culture and beauty of Go worldwide.

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  1. Paul says:

    Cool, best of luck with this Nik ^_^

  2. Chris says:

    What? No picture? Come on Nik!
    Haha, just kidding!
    I’m very anxious to play this game now…

  3. Laxigue says:


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