All About Me

So I thought I would post a little more information about myself and this project.

I am a student from British Columbia, Canada, and play as 6 kyu on KGS. I learned to play Go around February 2005. I admit I am yet another Hikaru no Go convert. A friend of mine purchased a manga magazine in which I read Hikaru no Go. At first, I thought Go was just a plot device which the writer had created for the story. Then I read an article in the magazine by Janice Kim, which had a link to her website (Samarkand). I learned to play and was instantly fascinated by the game.

So I started to play on the Yahoo! Games server, and about a month later I discovered KGS and was hooked. Having only minimal knowledge of chess, I was completely surprised at how popular the game was, and that some people even made a living off of a board game. Sometimes I would spend hours every day at least playing, if not improving  (it took me 18 months to pass the 20 kyu mark). Nowadays I try to study more, and I currently have a goal of at least 1k on KGS by 2011.

I have a lot of reasons for creating this website. One of them is to help promote Go in western Canada, where there is not a very large English-language Go scene. I am fortunate in having the support of so many people, and I hope that Go players worldwide can benefit from this.

Today I added pages on the History of Go in Japan and Korea, along with an updated time-line. More history pages (and other parts of the website) will be added over the next week or two.

Finally, I once again would encourage you to try out the All About Go Community Toolbar. This is a great resource to Go players. It installs in seconds and provides you with quick search of Sensei’s Library, ability to play live 9×9 games from your browser, RSS from All About Go, GoSensations and Go4Go Game Records, quick KGS access and more features. Please leave a comment or email and let me know what you think.

Soon this blog theme will be updated to match the rest of the website.

Stay tuned!


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