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Younggil An

Hello everyone, this is Younggil An from Korea. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for about one and a half years.

I have been playing Go as a pro player for about 13 years, but while I’m here in Australia, there is no chance to play any serious games. Rather, I teach Go and play simultaneous games with Go lovers here, and I am more than happy to live here, relaxing and stress free.

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Hello Everyone!

Hajin Lee

Awww I am facing a big white empty space again. I have been trying to write something to post on All About Go for about 3 hours now. All I have so far is, nevertheless, a white paper that has nothing yet, (I wrote something and erased countless times) and a busy mind jumbled with so many ideas on Go. What should I write about? That was the question.

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All About Me

So I thought I would post a little more information about myself and this project.

I am a student from British Columbia, Canada, and play as 6 kyu on KGS. I learned to play Go around February 2005. I admit I am yet another Hikaru no Go convert. A friend of mine purchased a manga magazine in which I read Hikaru no Go. At first, I thought Go was just a plot device which the writer had created for the story. Then I read an article in the magazine by Janice Kim, which had a link to her website (Samarkand). I learned to play and was instantly fascinated by the game.

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Why I do what I do

Paul BarchilonI first learned Go when I was 16, that was 28 years ago for anyone who is counting. The guy who taught me was just a few years older, but he had his own apartment. It was about the size of a closet, but I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He had Japanese prints up on the walls, and he asked if I wanted to learn how to play a really interesting game from Japan. He showed me the rules and I was immediately fascinated. I still remember being astonished at how every stone I played was basically just one more for him to capture. I knew I was smart, and I was good at chess, how was it that this guy could just demolish me so easily? I rapidly figured out that it was the game itself that held such complexity.

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Who am I to say anything about GO?

Tyler Reynolds Mr. Tyler Reynolds personally participates in the revitalization of North American GO society as Vice-President of the Canadian Go Association (CGA) which has appointed him National Youth Coordinator. He also chairs the CGA’s Grants Committee which sponsors new student GO programs across Canada. Additionally, Tyler is involved with the American GO Foundation (AGF) as a Mentor to Canadian organizers of GO programs targeted at youth; and, he officiated in the American Go Honor Society’s 8th Annual Ing School Team Championship 2009—the largest online GO tournament for youth under-20 in North America. Mr. Reynolds was honoured to receive an Advisor Congeniality Award, in a popular vote at that event.

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