Younggil An

Hello everyone, this is Younggil An from Korea. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for about one and a half years.

I have been playing Go as a pro player for about 13 years, but while I’m here in Australia, there is no chance to play any serious games. Rather, I teach Go and play simultaneous games with Go lovers here, and I am more than happy to live here, relaxing and stress free.

My English is not good enough yet as you see, but you know I am good at Korean, haha. I’m studying at it harder, so that it will get better as time goes. I don’t think it is a big trouble to write about the Go and especially I’d like to introduce the Australian Go world as I am staying here. The land is blessed, but located very far from Europe and America, but you’ll like to see the difference between your country and here in many ways.

I am glad to write here as a writer, and I hope this new website is going well and will become very popular. Sometimes, I’d like to write about Korean Go world too. You’ll think about visiting Australia to feel the beautiful nature environment and to play Go as well one day.

I hope to see you soon again here.


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