Hello Everyone!

Hajin Lee

Awww I am facing a big white empty space again. I have been trying to write something to post on All About Go for about 3 hours now. All I have so far is, nevertheless, a white paper that has nothing yet, (I wrote something and erased countless times) and a busy mind jumbled with so many ideas on Go. What should I write about? That was the question.

OK. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Hajin Lee. I started playing Go at the age of 6, and set the goal of becoming a professional player at 10. Therefore, I left my family and hometown when I was still 10 to study Go more seriously. When I was 16, I lost the final game to be a professional player by a half point, and exactly one year and two days later, I grasped my dream. At the present, I am a professional Go player 3 dan of Korea Baduk Association. Also, I am a freshman in SolBridge International School of Business. At the beginning of this year, KBA announced that it would establish a special training team for top 10 female professional players in order to grab the first ever Gold medal in Go at the Asian Games 2010. I found myself standing on a crossroad. I could insist pursuing the world’s top place as a Go player or go to a university and challenge new world. Of course it was not an easy decision. After a long conflict, I concluded that what I want to do more is to experience the bigger world, promote Go there, and bring something excellent to Go world that no other players can. So, I would appreciate if you refrain from asking me “When will you be 9 dan pro?”

I was still thinking of what to write, but suddenly realized that the introduction took up more than I expected, and I may put off the first topic to the next writing. Lastly, I heartily congratulate on opening this great web site and wish a constant prosperity.

P.S. About the terminology of Go, I will try to pick the ones that internationally used by majority, but sometimes I might use Korean words, too. In that case, I will use bracket to specify the word. Ex) Baduk(Go). Thank you!


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  1. Paul says:

    Yaay! Thank you Hajin, great to have you on the site ^_^

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for joining the site and I am looking forward to learning more about go from you. Good luck with your studies.

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