Do you ever lose interest in Go?

It does not seem to be uncommon: A person who may spend hours every day playing Go will then stop playing for weeks, months, even years. Of course there are many different reasons why this might happen; it depends on the individual. Sometimes a person might become too busy with other things to play Go, or simply lose interest in the game.

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A Game Against Myself

Have you ever played a game against yourself? Perhaps it could be beneficial, if not fun. I know many Go players who learned the game in this way; I used to play games against myself when I first learned the rules and had not yet discovered internet Go servers. I decided to try it again last week and it was certainly an interesting experience.

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Younggil An

Hello everyone, this is Younggil An from Korea. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for about one and a half years.

I have been playing Go as a pro player for about 13 years, but while I’m here in Australia, there is no chance to play any serious games. Rather, I teach Go and play simultaneous games with Go lovers here, and I am more than happy to live here, relaxing and stress free.

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Hello Everyone!

Hajin Lee

Awww I am facing a big white empty space again. I have been trying to write something to post on All About Go for about 3 hours now. All I have so far is, nevertheless, a white paper that has nothing yet, (I wrote something and erased countless times) and a busy mind jumbled with so many ideas on Go. What should I write about? That was the question.

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What’s [in] a “moyo”?

I have been teaching youth to play GO for a while now… One perennial question that inevitably comes up is “What’s a ‘moyo'”—usually during a game review, at move 37 in the example below—and I try to tailor my answer to the student and his current understanding of the game.

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