Study Problems for Beginners

In Go, problems are called tsumego. Tsumego are used as "practice" by Go players, and are usually designed to improve your ability to read ahead. Try to complete the problems by thinking about them, not just clicking around until you find the solution.

Every problem on this page is Black to play and capture White.

This first problem should be very easy!

Learn more about liberties.

Hint: A group needs two eyes to live.

Learn more about Life and Death.

Hint: Read ahead!

Learn more about the ladder.

Hint: Does the ladder still work?

Learn more about the net.

Hint: Does White have two eyes?

Learn more about the throw-in.

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All done! If you were able to solve all of those problems easily, you have an understanding of the basics of Go. If you found any of them a little challenging, don't worry - you will learn very quickly by simply playing.